This week, we have started to study two fantastic books set in imaginary lands. The award winning ‘Wolf Brother’ by the American author, Michelle Paver -featuring a demon bear on the rampage – and the fantasy classic, ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit is an outstanding journey tale and features (see above) an encounter with Stone Giants who hurl gigantic boulders at Bilbo Baggins and his companions!

Year 5/6: What we’ve been doing this week

This week, year 5/6 have been researching Nunavut in Northern Canada, home of the Inuit people, in preparation to write letters to the equivalent grade 4 / 5 class at Nanasuk Elementary School in Ilaquit, the main town on Baffin Island.


This truly amazing building has won awards for its architecture and has no windows! Can you guess why that might be….?

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back Year 5/6 I hope you had a lovely holiday.

Just to let you know that PE will be on a Monday  with Crewe Alex and spellings will go out on Friday for the test the following Friday.

This weeks spellings are below.

Words with endings that sound like /shus/ spelt –tious or -ious

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